On this page you find information on how to get started with the DME. Moreover, several manuals can be downloaded.

Use school account

When a school becomes a DME-member, the school receives a socalled DME school account. With the data in this school account students and teachers can make their own personal DME user accounts.

The following data are provided to the school:
  • School login
  • Student key
  • Teacher key
  • School admin key

    These data cannot be used to log in. They have to be used to create accounts.

Make a teacher account or student account

Start the DME and click 'Register':

  • Fill in the form (choose a user name and password yourself).
  • Fill in the school data.

  • Choose the correct user role (student, teacher, school admin) from the drop-down menu "I am:".
  • Click on the button 'Register'.

Download manuals

Short manuals on making accounts and the DME's folder structure are available in Dutch, see the Dutch manuals page.